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"Enjoying simplicity in nature."

M oonraker is an outdoor adventure camp, situated 20 km east of Windhoek, between the international airport and the city of Windhoek. The establishment is based on Farm Finkenstein where 2000 hectares at the foot of the spectacular Auas Mountain Range have been set aside as a private nature reserve. Two families, Goldbeck and Finke, have pooled resources to create a place where humans and animals can bond with nature, and in nature.

The name Moonraker conceals a story of loss and hope in life which we love to share with you around our campfire at night.

A highlight is our ‘special’ farmstead where a variety of domestic animals  add to the concept of the idyllic farm experience.

The concept is founded on strong principles of environmental consciousness and aims to promote the idea that humans can live in harmony with nature.

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