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Farm life

On Moonraker Farm our animals are an important part of the family. Our colourful bunch, many of them rescues and each with his or her own character, creates the special farm atmosphere and charm. Our opinionated cows provide us with fresh creamy milk, butter and cream. A bevy of cheeky chickens roams freely around our farmstead snacking on bugs and constantly surprising us with fresh eggs found in unusual places. And our little garden supports a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs, which are enjoyed at our table.


Three headstrong pigs, Sir Henry, Bonnie and Clyde, enthusiastically manage the kitchen waste and when visitors walk around the farmyard a curious crew of goats will most likely come over and investigate the new arrivals. Anna, our dear little black goat, is a favourite among guests as she often accompanies them for the sundowner walk. From time to time, a herd of Equines, mostly naughty mules, pays a visit to the stables to beg a scratch behind the ears. They know when to disappear and are gone as if by magic when there is work to be done. The farm’s namesake, Moonrake, is our beloved old horse who still graces our farmyard and loves a bit of attention.


We value our four-legged family for the gifts and joy that they bring and believe that it is through animals that we get to know ourselves.

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