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Our friendly and dynamic team extends a warm welcome. We are an enthusiastic bunch from various ethnic backgrounds who have found a home and workplace on the farm. Here we have joyfully created a natural sanctuary where visitors can relax in a healthy and eco-sensitive environment, while appreciating the attractive wilderness setting. At Moonraker, we strive to tread gently on the earth and to establish a wholesome and respectful relationship with our natural surroundings, which we are delighted to share with you. Come and join in the fun.



Frederik - has come a long way with Manni and is a master at handling last-minute plan changes and new ideas. He is a gem who has proven to have a skillful hand not only with our team of mules, but also with our guests. He always recognises the endless opportunities of our project.

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Josephine will be the lovely lady you meet first, she is taking good care that our guest find their way around and feel at home away from their home. 



Maria is Moonraker’s kitchen wizard, her passion for creating delicious meals with the extra note of love is what makes you want to come back. If only you try one little peace of Maria's chocolate cake, will make you fall in love straight away.






Johannes - is the friendly caretaker of our thriving garden. With great attention to detail, he lovingly prepares the compost and looks after the well-being of our plants. Johannes is also taking care of the maintenance on the farm.

Tina - has hopelessly lost her heart to Moonraker. An enthusiastic and creative operations manager, she values all its individual characters - both human and animal - and finds great joy spending time among them.

Mari - is our Mother of the farm, with her unbelievable empathy she ensures that everybody is happy and in good spirit, animals and humans alike.



Goliath is a true cow whisperer. Our dairy cows Ellis, Molly and Muckie are visibly happy to see him every morning. He also ensures that our  Mules and horses are well mannered and trained. Where there is laughter and a good mood on the farm, Goliath can be found in the middle of it.



Ulli – is a sunshine of a woman. Helpful and humorous, she is a pleasure to be around.  Patiently and with much friendliness she answers emails and calls from our guests. She ensures with thoroughness that the bookings are entered and correctly noted. But not only in front of the PC and on the phone she supports Moonraker, she is also always ready to help when the trouble catches up with us.  



The animals are Himethembi's passion, his heart beats for all the little creatures that inhabit this farm and give him their charm. With his gentle and humorous nature, he happily maneuvers our four-legged and feathered friends around the farm.   



The gardener with many hidden talents. Dirk has spent many an hour creating and growing Moonrakers Garden and its soul. He is not employed here but deeply engrained in all our hearts and can therefore no longer really escape us. Also, musically Dirk has left his mark on the Moonraker DNA...



Whether it's bathrooms or fish pond repairs, Penda wanders from site to site with his mixer and wheelbarrow, always creating soulful buildings or working patches from simple materials. The lovingly packed natural stone walls in the backyard are just one of his works of art.



Bernhard - grew up in these mountains and is a fount of knowledge about each and every creature and plant that lives here. He sees the enormous potential of nature to bring out the better parts in all of us.



Ume – has a heart that beats for Namibia and its people. Whether leading a class outing or a personal development seminar, she always manages to unite people with profound respect and appreciation for each other’s differences.



Manni – never fails to surprise us. It was his idea to create a place of love in the heart of this beautiful country. His greatest joy is to share something wonderful with like-minded people. 

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